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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Tech Coach Slice

I am 1 of 4 tech coaches. I work in a district that has approx 3,200 students, approx 300 certified staff members, and 8 schools. I have been in the district for 31 years. I travel to all 8 schools to help teachers use our 1:1 iPads effectively with students. Over the 8 years that I have been a coach, I have developed many good relationships with the staff who have stayed (we have a very high turnover rate). This past week while I was heating up my lunch in one of the teacher workrooms (there is NO lounging going on - don't like the words teacher's lounge) one of the social workers came in. We greeted each other.  She proceed to tell me about an issue she was having with Google Forms. She set up self-assessment forms for students in her small groups. She was asking what was the best way to share them with her students.  After some questioning, I suggested she share them via Schoology, our LMS. I spotted her computer under a pile of papers, so I asked if we could do it together at that moment. She was not in a hurry, so we did. Then I showed her how to get notifications when someone submits a form. She didn't even know that I was possible. I shared some additional information. By this time both of our meals were heated up. She was super appreciative.

Why do I tell this story? These small moments of supporting teachers were not happening during COVID, or even earlier this year. Even though we have been in person all year this is my first small moment like this of the school year. Pre-COVID these were happening on a very regular basis, maybe even weekly. This small moment filled my bucket for the day. Looking forward to more small moments and longer coaching cycles! 


  1. As a classroom teacher I see the struggle of our awesome coaches..mao many things to do, different priorities and demands, and doing it all often with only relational equity and no authority...sounds like you are nailing it! A great reminder too of the shifts we've seen over two years. It takes time to get back to those small moments of genius between colleagues!

  2. Those small moments are so important, and I'm glad we're getting back to them! I also didn't know you could have notifications for google forms being submitted, maybe *we* need to cross paths again soon!