Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Hurdler in action today

 I wrote about being a Hurdler in a previous blog post. 

Defined as a tireless problem-solver who gets a charge out of tackling something that's never been done before. When confronted with a challenge, the Hurdler gracefully sidesteps the obstacle while maintaining a quiet, positive determination. This optimism and perseverance can help big ideas upend the status quo as well as turn setbacks into an organization's greatest successes—despite doomsday forecasting by shortsighted experts. 

Today I had a coaching meeting with a teacher. When I showed up for the meeting 

KG: I have something to ask you that is not about what we are meeting about. 

Me: Sure, What? 

KG: I'm having this issue with a pie graph in Numbers (Apple app). 

Me: Show me. 

KG: Opens computer and shows me what she did, and then explains that she would like to add labels or a legend in each segment of the pie. 

Me: Ok, can work on your computer? 

KG: Yes. 

Me: I click on lots of things on the screen while KG says yes, I tried that, yes I tried that. 

Needless to say after clicking on many things, searching Google, and watching two YouTube videos we couldn't figure it out. I will be "hurdling" tomorrow till I get it figured out and can send her a screencast of how I solved it. 

I love being a tech coach! 

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  1. Nice, hurdler is a great description for what you do! I love that kind of problem solving too. Good for you. The teachers are lucky to have you!