About Me

I have been a public school educator for 31 years. I have taught 1st grade, 4th grade, and computers. My current job title is Instructional Coach (iCoach). I travel to eight buildings to coach teachers on integrating technology and other research-based strategies in the classroom. I work in a kindergarten through 8th grade 1:1 Apple Distinguished Program with iPads. 

I believe that devices in the classroom allow us to truly differentiate the curriculum, and meet students where they are academically. I believe different frameworks help support our work as educators.  Students should be using the devices to show us their thinking and demonstrate their knowledge. I use cognitive coaching to help support teachers as they plan and deliver their lessons. I remind them that the use of technology should help them to better meet their objective(s) for each lesson.

pencil, paper, manipulatives, iPad

This picture illustrates how I hope that devices can be used in the classroom, as another seamless tool to choose from.


  1. Ramona, you're missing the C in TPACK. :-)

    While I agree content isn't THAT important when it's easily accessible...